Articles That May Be Of Interest

Shih Tzu are one of the top ten most popular purebred dogs in this country. Hundreds of these superb animals wind up in shelters and worse, every year, with the numbers 
climbing by the month. Some kind of legislation is necessary to help assuage the overpopulation situation of all purebreds. Currently, many states are passing laws that 
are intended to help the situation. Unfortunately many of these bills are unfair and/or not carefully thought out, ending up allowing the puppy mills, and irresponsible backyard breeders to continue their operation without these laws applying to them, while proving highly prohibitive to responsible purebred breeders.

This section will try to list enacting legislation and new proposals put before state legislative bodies regarding canines, throughout the U.S.  Obviously, STFSC concerns are laws passed in CA concerning animal welfare propositions. However, as more and more states pass animal welfare legislation, these laws both fair and unfair could become federal statutes, affecting every state.

The following section will also contain articles of interest that are just that...Interesting.